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Justine Petersen Planning

Justine Petersen Planning

Client: Justine Petersen

Justine Petersen helps low-income families buy homes or start businesses in order to build long-term financial assets. Two developments prompted the need for a communications plan and brand: the organization was moving to a new location and JP leadership decided to start fundraising for private donations.

501creative met with a broad-based group of board and staff. We worked with them to develop a main message and a positioning statement. From that we created a marketing plan to give direction to the branding process. The first step in implementing the plan was to change the name of the organization. Its former name, Justine Petersen Housing and Reinvestment, did not reflect the full array services, so it was shortened to Justine Petersen. Then, the tagline “Building Assets, Changing Lives” was created, along with a new logo, letterhead, website and brochure.

Sheri Flanagan-Vazquez, chief operating officer at JP, said the planning process helped to include staff and board in a discussion on who we are and what we want to be.Having an outside person helped to legitimize the process and emphasize to staff and board that it was important to pay attention to how the organization marketed itself.”