5 ways to put the social back in your social media

Imagine that we’re having lunch together. Would you let me do all the talking, adding nothing to the conversation? Or would you dominate the conversation, so consumed by what you had to say that I couldn’t share anything? Of course not! We would find a rapport and an exchange that works for both of us. That’s how we form relationships…and that is exactly how we SHOULD form relationships on social media. All too often, however, we see social media as a one-way conversation.

Try these 5 ways to put the “social” back into your social media.

1. Post quality, not quantity.

We often hear the question, “How often should I post?” There is no set formula. One rule of thumb says that each post should either educate (provide facts or figures), connect (link your followers to events and programs) or fundraise (encourage followers to donate). Mix up your posts so that they appeal to different audiences.

2. Don’t dominate. 

Folks who constantly push information out, but never share or add to existing conversations are often ignored because they are not part of the give-and-take of relationship building. You wouldn’t go to a party and stand in the corner talking without listening to others, so why do this online? Be conscious that you share or comment as much as you post.

3. Do more than just lurk.

If you find yourself reading social media but not using it, you’re missing the social part. Don’t just listen to the conversation, help move it along. If you see something interesting, share it with others. If you agree with a post or comment, let the person know.

4. Adjust your content to fit your audience. 

Track which topics get responses and which do not. Also watch what others are posting about your organization. Develop content accordingly. It’s as much about what you have to say as it is what they want to hear. Hopefully those align, but if not, give them both.

5. Treat your fans like lunch friends.

Your social media is not a collection of fans, likes and followers. It is about creating authentic and meaningful relationships that drive action. Treat your fans and followers like lunch friends. Listen to what they are saying and address their needs. Join the conversations of others to find those who are passionate about what you do.

Remember, social media is about the online relationships that you form and maintain.

It’s time to start treating your social media relationships more like your real-life relationships which require a balance of give and take. Interested in having a conversation about social media? Contact us!