guy holding report card for website with big red F on it

5 ways to tell if your nonprofit’s website sucks.

Your website is your storefront. When people hear about your nonprofit organization, they often visit your website for a first impression, and hopefully check back when they want to learn more. If you are sweating about what these visitors see, ask yourself these 5 questions to figure out whether your organization could use an upgrade.

1. Does it make you flinch?

If you avoid promoting the website or hesitate when someone asks for your web address because you’re embarrassed by how your website looks, you may need a new site or some revised content. If your website is providing first impressions, you don’t want to look like your organization is run down and in disrepair. If your site doesn’t pass the flinch test, it may be time to invest in an upgrade.

2. Can you update it easily?

You should have access to the back end of your site and be able to make updates without calling a web developer. Current content management systems allow your staff to update content quickly, easily and without coding knowledge. Do you need to  track down your former board president’s nephew’s wife in order to make changes? Do you avoid making changes because of the associated fees? If so, you probably need a new site.

3. Are other like agencies’ sites better than yours?

Take a look at the competitive landscape. What are other agencies’ sites like? In the battle of first impressions, who’s winning? If your site gives a bad impression…or tells the wrong story, you may need a new one.

4. Does it pass the three-second test?

Your website has three seconds to engage visitors enough to make them stay. Your site should clearly communicate your mission and its impact, and provide a call to action. If your site doesn’t communicate your organizaton’s message visually or verbally, it may be time for a change.

5. Can visitors find what they are looking for quickly and easily?

Your site should have clear, predictable navigation that allows visitors to find information easily. Text should be easy to read and the most important information should draw your attention. If your visitors are getting lost, frustrated, or just don’t know where to go, you may want to rethink your site.

If your appeal and overall brand are suffering, how can you afford NOT to rethink your website?

Tell us all your website woes…we are ready to listen and help you build a site that attracts your audiences and supports your brand.