Build your buzzability: create web content that inspires

To increase the exposure of your nonprofit, you need to increase the ‘buzz’ around your organization. If you want people to talk, give them something to talk about. Here’s how.

1. Change your thinking.

Build buzzability by saying something interesting, even if it’s outside your comfort zone. Nonprofits that are afraid of criticism are often too safe in their messages. Remember, the goal isn’t to change minds, but to draw like-minded people to you. You may need to consider speaking up or out in a way that feels risky at first, but will attract potential supporters.

2. Change your habits.

Look at your current web and social media content. Does it serve your organization, the reader, or both? Content that does something positive for your reader should increase your buzzability. If it serves your organization and the reader, that’s a bonus. So before hitting “post,” ask yourself: who does this information serve?

3. Tailor your content to web readers.

People read differently online than in print. Don’t transfer print content to the web without making adjustments. There are two kinds of web readers: plowers and skimmers. Plowers read every word but stop when they get the answer they want. Skimmers run down a page, find what they want, and may skim more just in case they find something interesting. Cater to both styles by using subheads, short paragraphs, short sentences. and bullet points.

4. Create content that educates or entertains.

Look at all the content you create and ask if it educates or entertains. Entertain by sharing an inside view of your organization, fun facts, and photo essays. Educate by sharing information that is valuable to readers. Don’t tell readers how great your organization is. Show them.

5. Share content from others.

If you find something that you think might entertain or educate your audiences, share it. Summarize studies or share articles with your spin added. Just make sure you credit the source – that author will be pleased to know that his/her information is useful and shareable.

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