Successful beyond our wildest dreams

Serve Boldly campaign launches new relationships for Lutheran Foundation and Send Me St. Louis

Lutheran Foundation was looking for ways to increase applications to the Foundation’s mini grant program for area Lutheran churches. And their sister organization, Send Me St. Louis, wanted to increase participation in its training programs. You might think grant money and free training would sell themselves, but the offerings weren’t connecting with their congregations.

501creative developed the Serve Boldly campaign to help get folks in the pew motivated about doing more with their social service outreach ministries and increase visibility of the funding and training that Lutheran Foundation and Send Me St. Louis provide. We developed the name, tagline, visual brand and a variety of marketing materials including a website, brochures, posters and promotional items.

The campaign launched in January 2015 and has been “successful beyond our wildest dreams,” said Foundation program director Melinda McAliney. “Grant applications are up and training participation is up. The Foundation is consulting with several churches wanting to create new outreach programs or expand the ones they have. We are reaching churches we have not been able to reach in the nine years I have been at the Foundation.”

The campaign makes both organizations more accessible to church congregations. Recently a Serve Boldly night was hosted at a local coffee shop. More than 70 people attended and five churches shared their stories on how they have used the campaign and its tools to increase their social service outreach.

McAliney explained, “The campaign has helped us focus externally and market more effectively to our audiences. We are now seen as more accessible. Our congregations know that we are here to help them succeed. We could not have done this without the Serve Boldly campaign.”

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