Wordpress Tutorials

Video Tutorials featuring Tips and Tricks to help you manage your Wordpress website

This video is a basic introduction to the Wordpress content management system.
This video is an introduction to the X Pro (formerly Cornerstone) page layout editor built into your Wordpress site.
Save time making complex layouts in X Pro (formerly Cornerstone) by making templates that you can reuse when creating other pages.
Learn the basics of using the Gravity Forms plugin. Start here if you are new to Gravity Forms.
Learn about the different types of Gravity Forms fields and how to use them to create your forms.
Learn how manage who and what gets emailed when someone submits one of your website forms.
Learn how to create rules that allow your forms send different notifications or display different elements depending on choices made in form fields.
Learn how the basics of navigating the administrative features and editing slides in the Slider Revolution plugin.